Ever wonder what the Time Traveler has on display in his parlor?

Come and take a look, have a listen, even make a call to the future or the past; just be present. A collection of art pieces made by TJ Lee.


  • Time Traveler's Vignette
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"Strapped for Time"

This piece, discovered in 2014, is a commentary on the formerly defunct and broken system of industrial capitalism. It calls attention to the perceived pressing need to "clock in" to the factory way of life. All to operate the dials and turn the wheels of production to make...that which ultimately rusts away. 

"The Talk Box"

The talk box was created in another time where desert nomads lived. Normal voice waves are amplified by the device to communicate to large numbers of people. 


"Metal Man"

Metal man was inspired and created at the end of the Mayan Long count calendar, this correlates to the year 2012 in the popular Julian calendar dates. He is evolved from parts of a Chevy 350 internal combustion engine. This was before the actualization of the understanding that internal combustion engines were detrimental to the well being of the planet. All must evolve.

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Thomas - TJ Lee

TJ very much enjoys the spark of imagination from a discovered object and how it can be created into an new-old form of technology. Communication and light are big themes in his work and he often makes pieces that are related to one or the other or both. He believes that in our modern society of consumption, it is important to use what has already been produced in combination with what can be to create something fun and alluding to another time.

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